P e r u k e   G a m e s


Acrylic discs with added stickers became the first realised game.

123dice bluediscs

We initially trialled 3 games before settling on the Peruke format. The first idea for the game involved numbered dice.

These were the first attempts at using discs.

IMG_0176 IMG_0199

Classic tobacco tins were chosen to package the game

The game of Peruke was developed as a collaboration between artists

James Gillham and Mark Littlewood.


  "We wanted to develop a game that would be fun to play

  but that could also incorporate and encourage ideas from

  critical, conceptual and political theories."


The name Peruke came from a reference to the concept of 'La Perruque' from the book The Practice of Everyday Life by Michel de Certeau.


The logo was produced for the tin.


The first series of acrylic sets were produced and sold.


Acrylic discs with holes were then developed......

.... and then FSC certified birch ply discs & inlay,

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