P e r u k e   G a m e s


The game of Peruke was developed in 2014 by artists Mark Littlewood and James Gillham.

The quick fire dice game

of strategy, tactics & luck.


Collect points by taking other players discs or by protecting your own.


Easy to play and very addictive.


suitable for ages 7+      


1 player & multiplayer games


© Peruke Games 2019

All discs are made using FSC grade birch plywood

Each game comes supplied with genuine 'Chessex' dice

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All games are hand-crafted in England

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There are 24 discs per game, enough for 4 players

"La perruque" is the worker's own work being performed at the place of employment under the disguise of work for the boss.  Nothing of value is stolen; what is taken advantage of is time.